Be A Melaleuca Preferred Customer

Be A Melaleuca Preferred Customer
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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How to become A Melaleuca Business Builder?


How to qualify for Melaleuca Business Builder?
First,you have to find 30 friends,your best friends,be it online or offline.

If you do not have 30 friends,then answer my simple question here. How many people you are going to invite for your wedding? And how many tables you are going to prepare for the wedding? 10 tables? 20 tables? 30 tables? 50 tables or more? 

See this, assume one table consists 10 people, 20 tables is 20x10=200 people as well as 50 tables is 50x10=500 people.
You might said more than that? I am sorry,did I hear you wrong? Oh,nice!.However,we do not need to have so many,we only need 30 people. Isn't that easy? 

Second, these 30 people must do daily works such as bathing, brush teeth, wash face, wash hand, wash dish and so forth.
That is it. Since you can produce these two important points, you are qualify to become a Melaleuca Business Builder. Pretty easy,isn't it?

The Power Of Multiply

As you can see the above picture depicted how the Power of Multiply builds thousands of referrals with just 30 people to begin. All you have to do is help others do the same. Bear in mind that thousand of referrals do not all refer by you alone. This is called Team Work. Doing Melaleuca business, you are not alone and you can’t have big success by doing it alone.
Simple steps to begin your membership
[1] Enroll as a Melaleuca Preferred Customer and/or Marketing Executive.
  • Join with low trial enrollment membership fee. The enrollment fee in US is US$ 29.00, Singapore-SG$ 29.00 and Malaysia is RM 50.00. Our product came with backup 100% 60-day money back guaranteed.
  • Agree to order Minimum 35 Product Point (35P), approximately around US$50 to US$60 per month.
  • You are entitle to receive a 30%-40% discount plus other membership benefits such as bonus, free gift and commission from your direct referral.
  • You can either shop direct at your local Melaleuca stores,by phone,by fax or through online.
  • For you be able to receive all the benefits in every single month, you’re required to fill in the preselect backup order form for allowing Melaleuca sending you the preselect order by conveniently charge your account directs either by Credit card or Debit card.
  • 100% no risk,.you can cancel your membership in writing by the 25th day of any month.
  • Read carefully of the Melaleuca agreement, Terms and Conditions and Disclaimer.Failure to read may cause unnecessary problems in future if you have decided to end your membership.
[2] Place your first product order.
If you have decided to become a Maleleuca Business Builder, fill in the form as an Independent Marketing Executive. In Malaysia, the fee is RM 70.00 inclusive of business kits.


In order to qualify you in our company Pacesetter Program, we suggest you to have some first order suggestions:
  • Value Pack or Career Pack for serious Business Builder. Value Pack-Save up to 30% on Preferred Customer price, approximately US$277 with 100 Product Points(100P).Career Pack-Save up to 30% on Preferred Customer, approximately US$355 with 140 Product Points(140P).
  • Nicole Miller Value Pack.

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Melaleuca vs MLM

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Some Melaleuca Products
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