Be A Melaleuca Preferred Customer

Be A Melaleuca Preferred Customer
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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How to become A Melaleuca Business Builder?


How to qualify for Melaleuca Business Builder?
First,you have to find 30 friends,your best friends,be it online or offline.

If you do not have 30 friends,then answer my simple question here. How many people you are going to invite for your wedding? And how many tables you are going to prepare for the wedding? 10 tables? 20 tables? 30 tables? 50 tables or more? 

See this, assume one table consists 10 people, 20 tables is 20x10=200 people as well as 50 tables is 50x10=500 people.
You might said more than that? I am sorry,did I hear you wrong? Oh,nice!.However,we do not need to have so many,we only need 30 people. Isn't that easy? 

Second, these 30 people must do daily works such as bathing, brush teeth, wash face, wash hand, wash dish and so forth.
That is it. Since you can produce these two important points, you are qualify to become a Melaleuca Business Builder. Pretty easy,isn't it?

The Power Of Multiply

As you can see the above picture depicted how the Power of Multiply builds thousands of referrals with just 30 people to begin. All you have to do is help others do the same. Bear in mind that thousand of referrals do not all refer by you alone. This is called Team Work. Doing Melaleuca business, you are not alone and you can’t have big success by doing it alone.
Simple steps to begin your membership
[1] Enroll as a Melaleuca Preferred Customer and/or Marketing Executive.
  • Join with low trial enrollment membership fee. The enrollment fee in US is US$ 29.00, Singapore-SG$ 29.00 and Malaysia is RM 50.00. Our product came with backup 100% 60-day money back guaranteed.
  • Agree to order Minimum 35 Product Point (35P), approximately around US$50 to US$60 per month.
  • You are entitle to receive a 30%-40% discount plus other membership benefits such as bonus, free gift and commission from your direct referral.
  • You can either shop direct at your local Melaleuca stores,by phone,by fax or through online.
  • For you be able to receive all the benefits in every single month, you’re required to fill in the preselect backup order form for allowing Melaleuca sending you the preselect order by conveniently charge your account directs either by Credit card or Debit card.
  • 100% no risk,.you can cancel your membership in writing by the 25th day of any month.
  • Read carefully of the Melaleuca agreement, Terms and Conditions and Disclaimer.Failure to read may cause unnecessary problems in future if you have decided to end your membership.
[2] Place your first product order.
If you have decided to become a Maleleuca Business Builder, fill in the form as an Independent Marketing Executive. In Malaysia, the fee is RM 70.00 inclusive of business kits.


In order to qualify you in our company Pacesetter Program, we suggest you to have some first order suggestions:
  • Value Pack or Career Pack for serious Business Builder. Value Pack-Save up to 30% on Preferred Customer price, approximately US$277 with 100 Product Points(100P).Career Pack-Save up to 30% on Preferred Customer, approximately US$355 with 140 Product Points(140P).
  • Nicole Miller Value Pack.

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Monday, January 25, 2010

How By Switching Over To Melaleuca Creates Business Opportunity For You?

Did you remember I told you in my previous post about Melaleuca Word of Mouth referrals and Consumer Direct Marketing tactics? Melaleuca saves millions from paying to advertisers,distribution and  famous star.The saving redirects earnings from Melaleuca product sales to the average family and hence,offers them the opportunity for wealth without big investment or risk.

Simple steps to start your membership:
  • Join with low membership fee.
  • Agree to order Minimum 35 Product Point (35P) per month to receive a 30%-40% discount plus other membership benefits such as bonus, free gift and commission from your direct referral.
  • You can either shop direct at your local Melaleuca stores,by phone,by fax or through online.
  • For you be able to receive all the benefits in every single month, you’re required to fill in the preselect backup order form for allowing Melaleuca sending you the preselect order by conveniently charge your account directs either by Credit card or Debit card.
  • 100% no risk,.you can cancel your membership in writing by the 25th day of any month.
One of the biggest benefit from joining Melaleuca as a preferred customer is you will get free for two generations which entitle you to earn 7% from each of the people who buy 35 Product Point under you. This is without you refer to anyone. Does this sound great to you?

How you can get 30 customers for your first two generations? This is because,for every preferred customer, they have 7 generations below them.
  • If you are a preferred customer that does not refer to anyone,you’re still entitle for two generations.The person that referred you will place free referrals under you until your two generations fully occupied.By that time,you might already save money, getting Melaleuca superior products for free or even earn some extra income.
  • If you refer to 2 direct customer, you will get 7% for 3 generations.
  • If you refer to 4 direct customer, you will get 7% for 4 generations.
  • If you refer to 8 direct customer, you will get 7% for 8 generations.
Below is how 7 generations look like.

Here are the participation countries and how I am team-up with you to do a successful Melaleuca business online . For Scotland,Macao and Puerto Rico,kindly check at your country.

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Why Switch Brand Of Your Daily Use Products To Melaleuca?

Day Two: shopping mall (northern Tehran)
What we will discuss today;
  1. Why switch your daily use products to Melalauca?
  2. How does the switching create the business opportunity for us?
1) Why switch brand is vital? What are things we don't know?

It's my great pleasure to briefly explain why we have to switch brand over to Melaleuca because this is a long topic that cannot be covered largely here.You're encouraged to attend a free seminar to understand it thoroughly.There are many good quality videos plus slides presentation in the seminar.

Every single day, we have to brush our teeth with toothpaste;gargles with mouthwash;bath using soap;shampooing our hair and then styling with gel or mousse;wash our face with cleanser or scrub and tones our face with a toner.These may all give us CANCER.

For the girls,they normally have to go through long hours of beauty treatment such as using a moisturizer,loose powder,blusher for their cheeks;lipstick;eyebrow pencil,eyeshadow,eyeliner and mascara for their eyes.

Some love the use of deodorant and splash on some perfume or cologne.Did you know, by the time you're completely cleansed and groomed, you would probably have absorbed 9 chemical compounds into your body.These chemicals known as human carcinogen that is cancer-causing agents.

What is carcinogen anyway? Carcinogen is a substance or agent that can cause cancer, according to Wiktionary wiktionary-carcinogen or any cancer-producing substance defined by Dorland's Illustrated Medical Dictionary. From the research of CAP-CAP Penang,at least 50 cancer-causing chemicals present in 120 cosmetics and daily use products.

Here are few lists about the deadly typical cosmetics or personal care products:-

What is shocking is that all of the above include world-renowned brands like;
  • Johnson's
  • Loreal
  • Estee Lauder
  • Wella
  • Aubry
  • Cover girl
  • Christian Dior
  • Golgate
  • Darlie
  • Palmolive
  • Oil of olay
  • Biore
  • Brylcreem
  • Eversoft
  • Gillette
  • Anakku
  • Pantene
  • Popular direct-selling products from Avon, Amway and CNI.
  • Many more
Just imagine these daily use products being washed every day and go to the sea or ocean, what would be happening? Would these carcinogens ingredients be eaten by animals(Polar bear), fish and back to human? These products are all unsafe to be used.So, how then?

I have a question here.Can you answer my question? And my question is how are you perceive and value  a product that is safe for environment and free from chemicals.

Here is a guideline-A product should consist 6 features of the following:
  1. Natural.No toxic, sustainable and natural ingredients.
  2. Environmental.No hurting our earth and people.
  3. Safe to use.No caustic chemicals.
  4. Anti-bacteria.No phosphates.Phosphates are inexpensive chemicals used by many detergents to soften water.Phosphates used in household can negatively impact the environment by causing unwanted algae growth in rivers, ponds, and streams.
  5. Good to use.
  6. Economical.No additional expenses and no expensive.
What could be the price with all these included in a product? It should not cheap at all.
Bear in mind, a natural product not necessary would be environmental, not necessary safe to be used, not necessary can thoroughly clean the surface with water,not necessary good to use and not necessary price economically,correct? Please think deeply.

Here come the Melaleuca oil also called as Tea-Tree oil taken from the leaves of Melaleuca_alternifolia,used by Australia native and had been widely used by Australia army during world war II.The natural of Tea-Tree oil from Melaleuca alternifolia is used by Melaleuca to produce 5 series of Melaleuca products.

The 5 series products are:
  1. EcoSense
  2. Vitality for life
  3. Melaleuca Bath & Body
  4. Nicole Miller-US famous brand in 5th avenue.
  5. Melaleuca medicine cabinet.
One of the nice features about Melaleuca is their packaging.Many of Melaleuca products are concentrated.In fact, many are super concentrated, which resulted from less packaging, less waste and lower fuel costs.All packaging are bio-degradable.

Take one example here.Melapower is one of those listed in Melaleuca EcoSense series, it is a super concentrated with less packaging.Each bottle of Melapower is equivalent to 6 bottles of normal packaging you see in a supermarket or local store.In US itself according to Melaleuca,if every household used concentrated EcoSense products instead of grocery store brands. In 10 years we would save near to 7 billion pounds of plastic.In the other way,it would be 58 billion lesser plastic bottles in our earth.

Hence, my friend, is that a very good reason for every one of us changed our daily use products and switches over to Melaleuca brand? I believe we would help protect the environment, improve our health drastically, a clean and safe environment to live.

We have only one earth.Let's protect our only earth.
Have a wonderful day.

Take Note: Next topic-How does the switching create the business opportunity for us?
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Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Differences In Between CDM VS MLM

What is CDM or Consumer Direct Marketing? I already discussed in my previous post.MLM is Multi-Level-Marketing or Network Marketing, I believe most of you are familiar with these.

Actually, nothing wrong about MLM.It is just a business model.You can read more to get more ideas from my Typepad's blog Here.I just had to tell you how wrong people perception towards CDM model.Any business that consists of ranking position in an organization also being called as MLM.This is daft and irritating.Do you understand what is a ranking position? Let's have few examples the following.

Example A:-
Owner; Management team; Sales Team & Customers.

Example B:-
Marketing Executive; Director &; Senior Director &; Executive Director &;Corporate Director >President or CEO.

Both show a ranking position to an organization structure, we called it a Hierarchy structure.Anything wrong with that? And my question is why some people think this is MLM? Therefore, we need to teach and guide those people that are in a too negative and narrow-minded the right way to accept a really good thing.If you're one of those, you should let go thinking that way.This is the important thing to do, without a clear mindset, you won't get really understand Melaleuca's Consumer Direct Marketing System.

I have created a diagram for the comparison of the differences in between Consumer Direct Marketing vs Multi Level Marketing.

The detailed of the 5 points above can be explained like the following.

Point 1:
.Melaleuca CDM no selling and focus on a customer.

.MLM focus on selling and is a recruitment company, you have to pay some money to start, be it deposit, capital or keep some stocks.

Point 2:
.Melaleuca CDM offers a 60-day trial, backup with 100% satisfaction money back guaranteed.E.g.Let say you use one of the Melaleuca health products contains 60 capsules, you used up until left 1 piece of the capsule and you are not happy whatever reason it is, under Melaleuca CDM, your 100% money will be refunded to you.

.MLM or most Direct Sales companies do not allow you to try and protected with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Point 3:
.Melaleuca CDM focus on maintaining customer is the company first priority or partner, the repeat sales are high within the range from 90% to 97%

.MLM priority focus on maintaining marketing executive is out of their partnership or profit sharing, low repeat sales and within the range from 5% to 20%.

Point 4:
.Melaleuca CDM can accumulate customers received many benefits from the company.CDM price is low and high in quality.They save money and earn some extra income happy returning customer.This resulted from residual income can be generated.

.MLM cannot accumulate customers, no ongoing income would be generated.MLM price is high.Bear in mind, we are talking about a customer and not marketing executive or marketer.

Point 5:
.Melaleuca CDM allows anyone to make money based on a single line referral or the total referrals under your downline.One elephant line also lets you earn good money.

.MLM has at least 2 referral lines system.Some to have 3,5,7,11,15,18,22 and so on.One elephant line still unable for you to make money despite you have many customers.

Other than the differences as above, another very important thing you have to understand why selling is a nightmare to selling industry.This is because selling to cause the following problems.
1.Re-order stock
2.Keep stock
5.Price slashes

If you are in MLM company, you have a sales target each month, you need to fulfill the monthly quota, so, your order stocks and place in your house.When time went by, you piled up enough stock in your house.And the question is, what are you going to do with all the stocks in your house? The answer is, you are definitely trying whatever way you can by clearing all the excessive stock you kept in your house.You might offer free to your friends, or you might drop the price and get rip all your stocks.

Hence, your profit margin is dropping.Not only to that, you put hard to new comers that want or may already join your business because they have no way to compete with your price in the market-place.How are they going to do such business?.

At this point, we should be able to have understood completely the differences between Consumer Direct Marketing and Multi Level Marketing.

I hope you can make a wise decision for your future.
Have an awesome day

Post Falls, IdahoImage via Wikipedia
.Frank L.VanderSloot is Idaho business leader of the year 1998.
.Idaho's Hall of Fame Inductee(2007).

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Friday, January 15, 2010

Understand Melaleuca Consumer Direct Marketing

What is Consumer Direct Marketing,CDM in short? How Melaleuca brings to you Consumer Direct Marketing system? What are the differences between CDM vs MLM(Multi-Level-Marketing)?

I suggest we are googling the words-Direct Marketing from Wikipedia Direct Marketing. By looking at a glanced at it, Direct Marketing means it doesn't go through the use of media such as T.V,Radio,Newspapers(Mainstream media),famous actor or actress and so forth. One example. Nike paid US$1 billion a year to Tiger Wood for Nike's advertisement. The expensive advertising fees to various media as such save by Melaleuca and distribute to consumers by way of revenue sharing through the compensation plan. According to Wiki, another terms more or less similar to Direct Marketing is Leaflet Distribution.At this point, are you clear now?

Hence,by place a single word Consumer in front of Direct Marketing, it becomes Consumer Direct Marketing.The best way to understand it completely is differentiating the difference in between 1) Traditional business relationship and 2) Consumer Direct Marketing.For most convenience to your eye, let's see them in a diagram.

We can see the Traditional business relationship,they used channel of distribution involved Supermarket,Hypermarket plus MLM and Direct Sales.For Advertisers included T.V.Radio and Print media.Each individual sharing a portion of the revenue with consumer outside of their partner revenue sharing.

Next,let's see how Melaleuca came out with Consumer Direct Marketing system.

The diagram shows Consumer replaced advertisers and received advertising fees.The consumer is treated as Melaleuca's partner.
I hope you are now thoroughly understand what is Consumer Direct Marketing. Please don't relate with any MLM or Network Marketing.To understand the terms,'Direct Marketing' is very important in order for it or you not to be scammed by bad people which usually with the intention of linking back to their website with another business which does not create any wealth to the world.

Update: My next topic would be the differences between CDM vs MLM.

Thank you for reading.
Wish you best of health.
Have a great day

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Wellness-The Next Trend

Compiled chiefly from via Wikipedia

Are you aware about the next trend of the market? Do you know?
Today, many people become richer and richer, thanks to the internet.
So,what is next trend?

Please proceed to watch this great video for knowing something you might not have known. You should get some ideas of how you perceive towards marketing niche product in the internet which consists Trillion dollar business waiting for us to explore.

As the video is related to the business I am about to help you build together as a team.You would have a clear mindset for achieving our dream together towards the right trend.Why we have to sell something that doesn't create any wealth to the world? Did you care about the earth at the first place? Yes, you do care,right? This is because we have only one earth.We have the responsibility to protect the environment for we to be able to preserve the earth.And how are we going to do about this?

Yes,we can.We can help reduce the damage to the earth from what we are doing daily at home.Our house is having full of chemical ingredients inside the daily use products such as 1.Shampoo and Conditionals
2.Hand soaps
3.Body wash
4.Household cleaners
6.Dental products
7.Cosmetics-Skin care,beauty etc
8.So on

Fortunately, Frank L.Vandersloot, the founder of Melaleuca in the year of 1985 as president and CEO,his vision is to improve the life of average family in every household. Melaleuca mission is to enhance the lives of those we touch by helping people reach their goals.By having such a clear vision and mission in everybody mind,this business is really fantastic and meaningful.Melaleuca is an Inc.500 company that researches,develops,and manufactures the world's leading wellness products.Each year Inc.500 magazine recognizes Melaleuca as one of the fastest growing,privately owned companies in America with annual sales more than US$800 million in the year of 2008.

In addition, Melaleuca is also one of only a few companies to have been on the Inc.500 list for 5 consecutive years.

Melaleuca creates wellness opportunity for everyone. The total wellness of Melaleuca focus on:-
  1. Financial Wellness: Get out of debt and secure your financial future.
  2. Personal Wellness: Achieve balance,freedom of personal and family life.
  3. Environment Wellness: Produce clean environment and safer homes to live.
  4. Physical Wellness: Stay in a healthy lives,chemicals free and live longer.
The effort you put is well paid at the end.

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Melaleuca vs MLM

Melaleuca vs MLM

Some Melaleuca Products

Some Melaleuca Products
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