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The miracles of Nucleic Acid
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1) What are cells?

2) What is the mark that the cell is healthy?
3) What is Nucleic acid?

4) How many kinds is the Nucleic Acid divided into?
5) Is the component unit of nucleic acid (or called monomer) of animals and plants identical to component unit of nucleic acid inside the human body?

6) What are genetic genes?
7) What are the genes?

8) What relation exists between gene and replenishment of nucleic acid?
9) Why it is said that "thousands of diseases are all due to gene illness"?

10) What is the answer to the riddle of human beings desiring to have a healthy long life?
11) How long does the natural life-span of man has?

12,13) Can regular replenishment of nucleic acid prolong life?

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Melaleuca vs MLM

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