Be A Melaleuca Preferred Customer

Be A Melaleuca Preferred Customer
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Monday, January 25, 2010

How By Switching Over To Melaleuca Creates Business Opportunity For You?

Did you remember I told you in my previous post about Melaleuca Word of Mouth referrals and Consumer Direct Marketing tactics? Melaleuca saves millions from paying to advertisers,distribution and  famous star.The saving redirects earnings from Melaleuca product sales to the average family and hence,offers them the opportunity for wealth without big investment or risk.

Simple steps to start your membership:
  • Join with low membership fee.
  • Agree to order Minimum 35 Product Point (35P) per month to receive a 30%-40% discount plus other membership benefits such as bonus, free gift and commission from your direct referral.
  • You can either shop direct at your local Melaleuca stores,by phone,by fax or through online.
  • For you be able to receive all the benefits in every single month, you’re required to fill in the preselect backup order form for allowing Melaleuca sending you the preselect order by conveniently charge your account directs either by Credit card or Debit card.
  • 100% no risk,.you can cancel your membership in writing by the 25th day of any month.
One of the biggest benefit from joining Melaleuca as a preferred customer is you will get free for two generations which entitle you to earn 7% from each of the people who buy 35 Product Point under you. This is without you refer to anyone. Does this sound great to you?

How you can get 30 customers for your first two generations? This is because,for every preferred customer, they have 7 generations below them.
  • If you are a preferred customer that does not refer to anyone,you’re still entitle for two generations.The person that referred you will place free referrals under you until your two generations fully occupied.By that time,you might already save money, getting Melaleuca superior products for free or even earn some extra income.
  • If you refer to 2 direct customer, you will get 7% for 3 generations.
  • If you refer to 4 direct customer, you will get 7% for 4 generations.
  • If you refer to 8 direct customer, you will get 7% for 8 generations.
Below is how 7 generations look like.

Here are the participation countries and how I am team-up with you to do a successful Melaleuca business online . For Scotland,Macao and Puerto Rico,kindly check at your country.

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Melaleuca vs MLM

Melaleuca vs MLM

Some Melaleuca Products

Some Melaleuca Products
( Less than 2% from the total )

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