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Be A Melaleuca Preferred Customer
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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Melaleuca Malaysia New Product-May 2010

Month of May,2010
The following are few products that is available in store now.

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Sustain Sport

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Friday, May 7, 2010

Melaleuca Compensation Plan

Every company has its own compensation plan. We should ask ourselves first, whether we are focusing on Marketing plan or Product.

As you come across, there are many programs only interested in selling marketing plan for making money online or offline. This type of program often succeed in luring you into rich imagination of getting fast money and become rich.

Sadly to say, the result isn't what you are looking at.Are you still having such program with you? Or are you finding at another similar type of such program? Did you feel that you are investing your hard earn pocket money without any return? Maybe you like to follow people who succeed but failed again and again?

The reason why I briefly explain all the above because I understand people have a great tendencies to ask a company COMPENSATION plan before they put effort into it. Frankly speaking, many programs have good compensation plan or marketing plan.However,you have to check and consider how a compensation plan relates to what you are promoting.Are you promoting company products without:-
1.Hurting people?
2.Involve large capital?
3.Chasing friend and family?
4.Keep inventory because of sales target?
5.So on

Or you are promoting just the marketing plan without bringing any benefits to people and the environment?

What I am actually would like to say is Melaleuca is focusing on product before the compensation plan. Melaleuca's product is exceptional with reasonable price.Every of the products cater to health and the environment.This is nice.Good health is valuable compare to money.

Hence,understand this is very much important than study a compensation plan.The following is Melaleuca compensation plan, I doubt many can really understand it.I advise to try out Melaleuca products, learn the superior products and sharing to as many people as you can before you begin to understand how the compensation plan works.This is my most humble advise or sincere suggestion.

On Top in Ringgit Malaysia, below in Singapore Dollars

** The easiest way to talk about Melaleuca compensation plan in just a minute can be read from my previous post**

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Melaleuca vs MLM

Melaleuca vs MLM

Some Melaleuca Products

Some Melaleuca Products
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