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Be A Melaleuca Preferred Customer
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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Why Switch Brand Of Your Daily Use Products To Melaleuca?

Day Two: shopping mall (northern Tehran)
What we will discuss today;
  1. Why switch your daily use products to Melalauca?
  2. How does the switching create the business opportunity for us?
1) Why switch brand is vital? What are things we don't know?

It's my great pleasure to briefly explain why we have to switch brand over to Melaleuca because this is a long topic that cannot be covered largely here.You're encouraged to attend a free seminar to understand it thoroughly.There are many good quality videos plus slides presentation in the seminar.

Every single day, we have to brush our teeth with toothpaste;gargles with mouthwash;bath using soap;shampooing our hair and then styling with gel or mousse;wash our face with cleanser or scrub and tones our face with a toner.These may all give us CANCER.

For the girls,they normally have to go through long hours of beauty treatment such as using a moisturizer,loose powder,blusher for their cheeks;lipstick;eyebrow pencil,eyeshadow,eyeliner and mascara for their eyes.

Some love the use of deodorant and splash on some perfume or cologne.Did you know, by the time you're completely cleansed and groomed, you would probably have absorbed 9 chemical compounds into your body.These chemicals known as human carcinogen that is cancer-causing agents.

What is carcinogen anyway? Carcinogen is a substance or agent that can cause cancer, according to Wiktionary wiktionary-carcinogen or any cancer-producing substance defined by Dorland's Illustrated Medical Dictionary. From the research of CAP-CAP Penang,at least 50 cancer-causing chemicals present in 120 cosmetics and daily use products.

Here are few lists about the deadly typical cosmetics or personal care products:-

What is shocking is that all of the above include world-renowned brands like;
  • Johnson's
  • Loreal
  • Estee Lauder
  • Wella
  • Aubry
  • Cover girl
  • Christian Dior
  • Golgate
  • Darlie
  • Palmolive
  • Oil of olay
  • Biore
  • Brylcreem
  • Eversoft
  • Gillette
  • Anakku
  • Pantene
  • Popular direct-selling products from Avon, Amway and CNI.
  • Many more
Just imagine these daily use products being washed every day and go to the sea or ocean, what would be happening? Would these carcinogens ingredients be eaten by animals(Polar bear), fish and back to human? These products are all unsafe to be used.So, how then?

I have a question here.Can you answer my question? And my question is how are you perceive and value  a product that is safe for environment and free from chemicals.

Here is a guideline-A product should consist 6 features of the following:
  1. Natural.No toxic, sustainable and natural ingredients.
  2. Environmental.No hurting our earth and people.
  3. Safe to use.No caustic chemicals.
  4. Anti-bacteria.No phosphates.Phosphates are inexpensive chemicals used by many detergents to soften water.Phosphates used in household can negatively impact the environment by causing unwanted algae growth in rivers, ponds, and streams.
  5. Good to use.
  6. Economical.No additional expenses and no expensive.
What could be the price with all these included in a product? It should not cheap at all.
Bear in mind, a natural product not necessary would be environmental, not necessary safe to be used, not necessary can thoroughly clean the surface with water,not necessary good to use and not necessary price economically,correct? Please think deeply.

Here come the Melaleuca oil also called as Tea-Tree oil taken from the leaves of Melaleuca_alternifolia,used by Australia native and had been widely used by Australia army during world war II.The natural of Tea-Tree oil from Melaleuca alternifolia is used by Melaleuca to produce 5 series of Melaleuca products.

The 5 series products are:
  1. EcoSense
  2. Vitality for life
  3. Melaleuca Bath & Body
  4. Nicole Miller-US famous brand in 5th avenue.
  5. Melaleuca medicine cabinet.
One of the nice features about Melaleuca is their packaging.Many of Melaleuca products are concentrated.In fact, many are super concentrated, which resulted from less packaging, less waste and lower fuel costs.All packaging are bio-degradable.

Take one example here.Melapower is one of those listed in Melaleuca EcoSense series, it is a super concentrated with less packaging.Each bottle of Melapower is equivalent to 6 bottles of normal packaging you see in a supermarket or local store.In US itself according to Melaleuca,if every household used concentrated EcoSense products instead of grocery store brands. In 10 years we would save near to 7 billion pounds of plastic.In the other way,it would be 58 billion lesser plastic bottles in our earth.

Hence, my friend, is that a very good reason for every one of us changed our daily use products and switches over to Melaleuca brand? I believe we would help protect the environment, improve our health drastically, a clean and safe environment to live.

We have only one earth.Let's protect our only earth.
Have a wonderful day.

Take Note: Next topic-How does the switching create the business opportunity for us?
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