Be A Melaleuca Preferred Customer

Be A Melaleuca Preferred Customer
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Monday, February 1, 2010

Business Builder And Residual Income

Congratulations! Generate residual income with Melaleuca is pretty simple if you followed all the way up reading my blog. I would like to inform you that you can earn money with just one single line unlike you saw in other companies out there. You should have asked in my previous post. That is, how do you earn money from Melaleuca word of mouth referrals strategy?

First things first, what is residual income? Here is a picture about the definition of residual income from Melaleuca.

Melaleuca's definition of Residual Income as income paid to a Marketing Executive that continues to be paid month after month without additional activity by the Marketing Executive.

Look at the past records of how many  preferred customers became Melaleuca Business Builder.
Our company statistic can be seen as follows:

Obviously, they are three types of people.
  1. 50% of preferred customers that won't open their mouth to any people. They prefer remain as loyal user.
  2. 30% of preferred customer will only refer to 1 or 2 people.
  3. 20% of preferred customer becomes Melaleuca business builder. These people are talkative ,like to share good thing to people they love and bring them to join the business. That is to say these group of people will open big mouth for sharing with others and they are those that usually more successful on this word of mouth referrals business.
The following is the calculation base on 20% from those preferred customers would turn into Business Builder. This is how a Melaleuca Business Builders earn their commission.


I did tell you in my previous posting, for you to qualify as a Business Builder, you are required to fulfill 2 conditions:
  • Find 30 of your friends, be it they are your best friends, family and family relatives.
  • That those people must have doing daily routine works such as bathing, wash hand, wash dish, wash cloths, brush teeth and so on.
You can see clearly the power of multiply from your direct referrals of 30 friends. One thing to be remain sticky is help them do the same thing as like you. That means, you refer 30 people, he or she refers 30 people and their friends also refer to 30 people. This is called duplication. You follow me, your friends follow you, their friends also follow your friends. And I have a question here. The question is whether your friend's friends are bigger than your friend? What do you think? And the answer is of course, your friend's friends. This is a proven success formula with anyone can do. However, you have to follow the right way. You come to the right place. Congratulations! Tell yourself, you are lucky by having me here for guiding  you through all the process in detail. I am here to help you how to;
  1. Understand Melaleuca
  2. To do in the right way, and
  3. Never gives up your fight
Commissions: I could briefly describe here.
This is an approximately figures, might not represent an actual amount.
  • When your single line referrals reached 500 people,  your residual income is US$2850 per month.
  • When your single line referrals reached 1000 people, your residual income is US$8500 per month.
  • When your single line referrals reached 3000 people, your residual income is US$34285 per month.
  • When your single line referrals reached 6000 people, your residual income is US$85700+ per month.
In order for you to reach up to 500 people or 1000 people, you have to put much of your effort to achieve the "Break even point" as illustrated by the graph below. There is no such free lunch without an effort.

Determine how you would like to participate:
  1. Part-time business builder-Join in our word of mouth referral marketing with few hours a week. Generate residual income US$ 550 to US$ 5,500 per month subjected to your time and consistent effort.
  2. Full-time business builder-Commit yourself with a serious effort for working 20 hours or more each week from Monday to Friday. Generate residual income US$ 5,500 to US$ 22,850 per month and still subjected to your time and consistent effort.
 Date: Feb 02,2010, the enrollment of membership starts by today with huge turn-out. The people keep coming in every second for submitting their enrollment forms. You can help your friends to submit under just one condition, that is, make sure they signed the form and paid the registration fees to you.

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