Be A Melaleuca Preferred Customer

Be A Melaleuca Preferred Customer
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Monday, June 21, 2010

Why Choose Melaleuca?

There are 8 major reasons why choose Melaleuca.

1. Consumer Direct Marketing-No selling

• Safe. At Melaleuca, you not involve in selling activities. You are just an advertiser. It is absolutely safe to build the business.
• You have much time and money. This is because you do not have to do the delivery, persistent income from the old customer who automatically order Melaleuca products every month.
• Can retain success. The monthly retention rate is 95% which means the customer come back to buy in every single month. You are like growing a tree that become a forest.
• Keep up to the trend. Blue ocean strategy, a totally different approach. Two examples of Traditional business methods are waste time to make more money or use the money to buy time, and lowering costs by cutting down margin due to intense competition.

2. 60-day Free Trial, 100% satisfaction guarantee.

There are four objectives by having such an option.
• Firstly, to protect every single customer.
• Secondly, to protect the relationship of a business builder with the consumer.
• Third, to guarantee those disabilities or incapability can also succeed in the business.
• The Fourth is to discover the benefits other than having an exceptional product such as bonus and reasonable price.

3. The 95% Retention Rate. Melaleuca is the most capable of retain a customer. The advantages of its 95% retention rate are:
• Everyone can wins. Together succeed in the business.
• Success can be long with no need of doing the same thing again.
• When succeeded, gain freedom because persistent income came from the old customers.
• Once success, forever success. Once and forever.

4. Melaleuca having the one and only system that can retain a customer. It is called 35 Product Point system or customer money savings system.

• The starting point of money saving: Company with consumer co-operating and partnering together. That is, treat consumers as a shareholder, give bonus every month to them, building a long lasting business relationship with the objective of sustaining a long lasting customer with the company. Therefore, 35 monthly product points is not only a consuming savings plan, but to also an automatic cash flow in through the money tunnel. It is also like a "money printing machine".
• To achieve 35 monthly product points (Money printing machine), you must meet four conditions below.
A) Must have health, environment concept in mind and thoroughly switch household daily use brand.
B) Must know the right way to use the product.
C) Must love up to 30 types of products.
D) Must teach a consumer to order by their own.
• The combination advantages of six largest industry from daily use products, direct selling, mail order, logistic, insurance and Information Technology.

• Switching brand only: Be able of turning money flow in automatically through "money tunnel". Be able of turning into wonderful life by having money and time. By switching brand, be part of rescuing our earth. We have only one earth.
• Ten billion Ringgit for maintaining and sustaining 35 monthly product points. Melaleuca has to put aside as much as 10 billion ringgits annually for preserving money tunnel to allow money flow in automatically. That is to say, for retaining a customer, it all depends on the company effort and not self alone.

5. Can accumulative: 95% Retention Rate x 35 Monthly Product Points, every head count.
• You will sure success through the power of multiplication. Imagine turning sand into a tower. For incapability also can be successful doing this business. Everybody can success together.
• Will becoming bigger and bigger(Number of people).
• Make more money from one year to another.
• Live better from one year to another.
• The older, the more money to come.
• Get freedom. Income from old customer.
• The numbers of people can be accumulated at once.
• Once single line succeed. 500 people or 1000 people.

6. Having A Real Persistent Income, Retain success.
• 1000 people x 35 Product Points =USD 8500++
• Numbers of people accumulative is once resulting forever success equivalent to persistent income.
• Monthly persistent income being protected.
• Company gifted you a never ending withdrawal saving account book.
• Allow you to enter the " Never short money Melaleuca club".
• What you did before was just to meet Melaleuca for you be able to retain success.

7. Once and forever for becoming a money tunnel man.
• Allow money flows in automatically like a tunnel, never short of money for 3 generations. Sure success by adding 35 monthly Product points to the money tunnel at just one time, be it either 500 people or 1000 people, live a wellness life, have money and have free time.
• Decide to stop completely by not being a bucket man with every month restart from zero.
• Do not believe people no do Melaleuca, only believe they do not understand. This is because, to leave Melaleuca is having an unstable income-bucket man, work has money, no work no money.

8. Life-Time business builder, no need redo the business. This is an outstanding achiever.
• Melaleuca only has consumer turnover, no sales turnover, every month sales revenue also came from goods being consumed at that particular month, no stock to keep at business builder's house. This clearly shows that the company must be healthy, lasting and forever.
• Established 1985, 5 years later, in 1990-1994 listed in INC.500 for five consecutive years. 25 Years until now still growing exponentially with no sign of dropping.
• Rated "4A1" by Dun & Brandstreet.
• 2001 Entrepreneur of the year by Ernst & Young, CNN and USA Today.
• Selected as 100 years growing company by US.
• Recipient of the esteemed US Better Business Bureau Torch Award granted only to selected companies that prove a long history of exemplary business practices.

Lastly but not the least, to sum it up, Consumer Direct Marketing has three advantages. There are no selling, 95% retention rate and one single line (number of people) to succeed. Ask yourself this critical question. That is, how many other companies can tell you about their customer retention rate? In addition to this, how many of them can retain their top executives from leaving to other company just to find a better future? You should know the answer.

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