Be A Melaleuca Preferred Customer

Be A Melaleuca Preferred Customer
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Sunday, June 13, 2010

How To Save More Money On Melaleuca Top Products

For those that are serious care of your personal health, you should not missed Melaleuca Vitality.
There are:-
  1. Vitality Multivitamin & Mineral
  2. Vitality Calcium Complete
  3. Phytomega ( Heart health )
  4. Provex ( Feel younger )
  5. Florify ( Digestive health )
  6. CellWise ( Head-to-toe-protection include DNA/Muscle/Skin/Digestive system/Vision/Brain/Heart )

Vitality True Stories

Pricing of each in a single item (Currency in Singapore Dollar):-

  • All the six items showed in the image are preferred customer price. The total for 6 is SG 195.40 with 70 points.
  • Melaleuca promo all the 6 items in a pack (Vitality 6 Pack), the total amount is only SG 142.90 with 44 points.
  • Saving: SG 195.40 (-) SG 142.90 =  SG 52.50

The monthly commitment for a preferred customer is 35P, hence, the Vitality 6 Pack is enough for you to meet your monthly commitment.

I advice you go to Melaleuca store to check regularly. This is because, sometimes, Melaleuca offers additonal discount as like 15% from the promo price.

Happy shopping and saving

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Melaleuca vs MLM

Melaleuca vs MLM

Some Melaleuca Products

Some Melaleuca Products
( Less than 2% from the total )

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